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Welcome to! is a news platform for everything that is somehow related to simulations. Started as a Facebook page, we always wanted to inform you about the latest happenings in the scene.

Our community, which has grown over time, also provides a great place to find and discuss like-minded people.

In July 2021 we wanted to expand our offer for you, which is why there is now this website - of course free of charge and without any subscription model hiding behind the articles.

As well as the Facebook, as well as Instagram page will logically continue, however, with the opening of this website we also wanted to separate ourselves from technical problems and be independent.

Beside the daily approx. 2 new articles (Monday - Saturday) expects you for example an area under each post, in which you can exchange yourselves with persona, which are also interested in Simulations.

The whole team of wishes you a lot of fun while browsing through our site!