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Frequently asked questions

It is not uncommon for questions to arise on our platform. If you have any questions, we offer you the possibility to answer the common questions once collected.


In this tab you will find our articles. You can sort them by our categories on the right side.

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Afterwards you can leave a positive review by clicking the button React to our article.

If you want to communicate with other users, we recommend you to write a comment below. Note: For this you must have an active user account with us. This is possible by registration. All you need is an email address.


Here you can see the members of our community.

Recent activities

Here you can see the latest activities of our community. So you are always up to date and can interact directly as soon as someone is active.

Users online

Here you can see our current active users on our platform. Only users who are registered with us are considered here. It is also possible to hide the online activity in the personal settings in the user profile. These users will not be shown in this list.


Here you can see our team. You can also contact our team using the buttons next to the profile picture or send a friend request. Sometimes team members have deactivated this function in their personal settings. We do not offer any claim to a friendship with a team member. This decision is up to each team member personally.

The following ranks exist with us:

Management - project leader and first contact person in all matters concerning the platform

Editor - authors of our articles, as well as close members of our team, also have moderating rights

SimuCord Team - members of our team of our Discord, also have moderating rights

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If you are looking for a specific member in our community, you can do so under this menu item.


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In our community there is the possibility to actively exchange with users in the chat. We offer the following chat rooms:

- Support - This chat room is primarily used for mutual support as well as support provided by the team.

- Simulation - If you want to actively exchange information about simulations with other users, use this chat room.

- Offtopic - All concerns that do not fit into the two upper rooms belong in this chatroom.